Did you know that Charter Spectrum is sending violent criminals and thieves into your homes to install your Wi-Fi, cable and phones?

In Dec 2019, Betty Thomas, an 83-year old Charter Spectrum subscriber in Texas and lifelong Republican, was brutally robbed and murdered by a Charter Spectrum technician in her home. Betty’s family sued the company and a jury found Charter Spectrum guilty of gross negligence and felony forgery and awarded the family more than $7 BILLION in damages. And still, Charter Spectrum has not changed any of its policies or procedures to ensure this horrific crime does not happen again. Worse, they tried to cover it all up.

Charter Spectrum should be ashamed and all Spectrum customers should be terrified!!!!

Unfortunately, Betty’s case is not unusual. There are an overwhelming number of thefts, assaults, rapes and other criminal behavior that Charter Spectrum employees commit but you never hear about them because Charter Spectrum forces people to settle in secret. It is wrong and immoral and they need to be held accountable.

Here are a few top line FACTS this trial revealed about Charter Spectrum, technician practices and the potentially life-threatening situations they are putting innocent families in daily…